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Pinball Desktop Toy

Pinball Desktop Arcade Cabinet

Our Mini Matica Air Race Desktop Toy proved so popular we have added to the range. Now you can have your own mini Desktop Pinball Machine to go with the original Arcade Cabinet and Bar Stool.

Just download and print off our plans on normal printer paper. The model comes in both sizes to match the previous desktop toys, and we have a .pdf version and a .jpg version. The .pdf should give you much better quality, but it's a bigger download.


Firstly the large version which fits on two pages of A4 paper and stands about 125mm tall, 90mm deep, and 47mm wide.

Download .pdf version (all pages).
Download page 1 of the .jpg version (medium size model).
Download page 2 of the .jpg version (medium size model).

If you want the smaller version which stands at about 100mm tall, 73mm deep, and 37mm wide the dowload links are below.

Download the .pdf plans of the smaller model.
Download page 1 of the .jpg version (small size model).
Download page 2 of the .jpg version (small size model).
Desktop Arcade Cabinet
Desktop Arcade Cabinet

If you are happy with your new desktop toy then please send us a photo of it sitting on your desk as we would love to see how they turn out. You can contact us via Twitter or by using this form.

If you would like the air race coin op machine and bar stool then it is still available by following this link.

Also there is the actual Flash Game you can play here which the paper model is based on.

We put together an instructional video to help you construct your model. It's an easy build but if we missed anything out from the diagrams included in the plans then hopefully it will be explained in the video.

Papercraft Pinball Instructional Video

We found it easier to cut the legs out roughly, put the first fold in and glue. Then when it dried we cut them out properly and put in the second fold. For the second fold it was helpful to use the edge of a credit card to put the fold in as it was quite stiff from the glue.

For the final folds in the backglass we found we didn't actually need to use any glue, but that's shown in the instructions.

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