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Flag Cushions Desktop Toy

papercraft cushions
Flag Cushions

To celebrate the 2010 World Cup in South Africa we are releasing a set of printable paper toys to help you support your team.

These particular models are flag cushions to go with your easy chair and sofa. If your country or team is not here please come back as we are adding all the countries that are taking part in the 2010 World Cup. At the moment we have England, USA, South Africa, France, Germany, Brazil and Spain for you to download.

Just download and print off our plans on normal printer paper. We provide .pdf versions and a .jpg versions. The .pdf should give you much better quality, but it's a bigger download.

papercraft lounge
Enjoying the football

The cushion plans fit onto one page of A4 paper. Please see below to download your country or team.

desktop toy, arcade cabinet
Desktop Arcade Cabinet
desktop arcade cabinet
Desktop Arcade Cabinet

If you are happy with your new desktop toy then please send us a photo of it sitting on your desk as we would love to see how they turn out. You can contact us via Twitter or by using this form.

If you would like the air race coin op machine and bar stool to go with your chair then it is still available by following this link or if you would like the Pinball Table follow this link. You will need to download the larger size for them to be the same scale as the sofa and chair.

If you have not already got your sofa you can download it from here and the chair from here.

Also there is our World Cup Flash Game that you can play here.

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