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The Making Of Matica F1 GP Racing - Beginnings

Matica GP Racing

Our Car Racing Game was a slow burner. We had been adding features, tracks, AI, cars, and other tweaks on and off for a while. Our visitors kept requesting a Formula 1 or Indycar Racing game and we had to keep telling them to wait. Eventually we decided to release a bare bone game with 1 car and 1 track. Visitors could enjoy playing the game right away and we would post updates as the game progressed.

This was a great idea, because whenever a new grand prix was coming up we would stay up all night to try and add a similar track to our game. Sometimes we managed to add a new track in time and sometimes we didn't. It was a great feeling when we did though, as racing fans could play our game and then watch the real race on TV.

The Making Of Matica F1 GP Racing - The Cars

Time-Lapse of Alex drawing a car.

We wanted quite realistic cars, so we took our inspiration from real F1 and Indycars. The Time lapse video shows Alex drawing one of the cars.

The video is taken from a 5 hour tutorial we have in our Game University section of (for people who want to learn to make games) speeded up.

We first roughed up a pencil sketch, scanned it into the computer and used it as a reference while drawing the car in Adobe Flash. We watched a load of video footage to get a similar front wing and general shape of a modern F1 or Indycar.

When we had done a few cars and the game became quite popular we were sent good pictures of cars from helpful visitors to